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  Public Law
- Is Dual nationality allowed in Korea?
- By what means Migrant workers are supported?
- Is Korean woman power really strong?
- What kind of Sex crimes are punishable in Korea?

  Private Law
- Adult guardian under the new Civil Act
- Sales Convention (CISG) now effective in Korea
- Types of companies under the Commercial Act
- Corporate governance in Korea
- Lease, Franchise and Factoring

  Specific Law
- How is e-Commerce regulated?
- Recent amendments to the data protection laws
- FinTech based on Big data
- Minimum wage and Ordinary wage
- Personal bankruptcy and Credit recovery

  International Law
- Is ISD clause really useful to Korea?
- Taking advantage of Offshore banking
- Special Economic Zones in North Korea
- Mineral resources in North Korea

  Knowledge sharing
- What is the Free Access to Law Movement?
- Korean proverbs of a legal sense; Lovely Pet
- Nice Jazz bars in Seoul and awesome Hallyu
- Korean's favorite Jazz numbers and BGM
- Kimchi and UNESCO Cultural heritage

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고고하게 피는 꽃 고려 엉겅퀴
Yellow.jpg Korean Wild Flower of the Month

Edible Goryo-thistle flowers without thorn bloom
고려엉겅퀴, 고고하게 높은 곳에 피어
예쁘면서 가시 없고 잎도 연해
춘궁기 곤드레밥으로

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